Month: December 2018

For a safer and enjoyable car ride, upgrade your car accessories with an amazing dash cam!
You were driving safely but suddenly another driver in the other car went crazy and boomed in to your car, that’s not his fault, it is yours! You could have claimed for damage done if only you have the video footage recorded in your dash cam. Yes, that is how useful a dash cam and car camera could be while driving on safe and unsafe roads. Also, it is .
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Buying Guide for Dash Cams
With an increase in the number of options offered under the dashboard camera, it’s often very difficult for the buyer to assess which one is good for him from the available ones. Every seller is presenting the best features and benefits of their products which create more confusion. But there are certain elements which should be checked before we plan and decide to buy the best dashboard camera. Here .
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Why We Shouldn’t Begin 2019 off Without a Dashboard or a Vehicle Camera
In this era, if you are driving without a dash cam then either you are a person who doesn’t know anything about the vehicle camera or a person who knows but feel better to ignore. In both the scenario, you are putting something or other on the stake. Here we try to list out the situations where a dash cam will not prove its benefits but also convince you .