Month: March 2018

Why You Need a Car Camera in your Vehicle!
You’ve seen and heard about dashcams on the news, programmes and some of the footage even goes viral on social media. And they’re becoming increasingly popular with motorists worldwide. Recent studies show that dash cam ownership has increased from 1% to 15% in just 4 years. Dashboard cameras,also known as dashcams, are extremely useful and an effective way to see how we and others drive and find out the .
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How my $100 Car Camera saved me Hundreds of Dollars
I’ve been in a couple of accidents, majority of which were not my fault. So recently, I decided to purchase a car camera and I must say…BEST DECISION EVER! Last month itself, which I was waiting at a red light, a biker lost control and T-boned my car. I couldn’t talk to him at the signal so I told him to move a little forward and park the bike .
Dash Cams saved me from High Insurance Rates!
A few months back, I was driving down the freeway and while changing lanes preparing to exit the freeway, I put on my signal and started merging. Some auto parts fell off a truck and in the middle of my merge while checking my blind spot I struck a disc brake with my driver side front tire. This ended up causing about $2,500 in damage to my car as .
Dash Cam saved me $6,500 in Damages!!
A $150 investment on a good quality dash cam saved me $6,500. Sorry it took me so long to post this. I, being an Uber driver, spend majority of my day on the road and come across all types of incidents. Last month, while I had a passenger in my car, I was waiting at the stoplight and the car in front of me backed up into my car .
5 Reasons You Need a Dash Cam!
1. A dash cam arms you with hard evidence: be it of accidents, road rage or even insurance frauds. 2. Dash cams can save you money on car insurance: video proof showing that you weren’t at fault can save you from insurance hikes. 3. Dash cams enable you to monitor your teenager’s driving: You will be able to monitor how others drive your car when you aren’t around. 4. .